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Sensuality Training for Good Gyrrls

What is "Sensuality Training?"

There is more to sensuality than dancing ?sexy.? It?s about being comfortable in your own skin. Sensuality is an art form that is developed and perfected by YOU! We?re just here to assist. Learn to be free, to express yourself and the rest will come naturally. These non-threatening, non-intimidating classes teach you to release your inhibitions within a supportive environment.




Course Offerings

Tease 101: This class teaches you to dig deep and bring out your inner vixen. Learn how to celebrate yourself and appreciate your body, whether you are a size 6 or 26, age 21 or 61. You will learn: the power of non-verbal communication, basic floor work, "strutting" and crawling techniques and *how to gracefully "take it all off!" Prerequisite: none
Take your bump & grind, shimmy & shake to the next level! Learn some fabulous Burlesque techniques, while becoming fit, flexible, and confident. Discover trade secrets about tease and glamour that will help you develop your own signature act! Prerequisite: none

Lap of Luxury:
Learn the difference between chair dancing and lap dancing and how to do both. Spice up your routine by learning the ?rules of engagement.? You will learn: how to incorporate what you learned in Tease 101 into your routine & how to use other household furniture as a prop. Prerequisite: none

Honeymoon 101: Make this a night your partner won?t forget! This is a special private session strictly for the Bride-to-be in preparation for her special night. We?ll delve into the kinds of things your future mate likes and incorporate it into your routine.

The Art of Seduction: True Seduction is a dying art form yet it is critical to our development as women. Learn to be intoxicating at will. Learn to cultivate and be cultivated. It is easy for so many of us to acquire what we desire yet not be able to maintain our desired positions. This workshop will give you the skills to complete the presentation to fruition. In your business or your personal life, you will know the Art of Seduction.


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